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Classic - Quality Fabric Marker
About Classic
Classic - Quality Fabric Marker
Classic - Quality Fabric Marker
Fabric Marker
Classic - Quality Fabric Marker
Multipurpose Marker
Classic - Quality Fabric Marker
Hi-Power Marker
Classic - Quality Fabric Marker
Classic - Quality Fabric Marker
Business Opportunity
Classic - Quality Fabric Marker
Classic - Quality Fabric Marker

Value 4 Marking

Hi Visible Marker
Marked area shows upon fabricdyed in any colours shade

Indelible Marker
Marked area cannot be removed, washed away or erased

Instant Dry Marker
Marked area instantly gets dry to speed-up your work

Permanent Marker
What you mark
that endures forever


Company Profile

Welcome to classic Group of Companies.

We are pleased to introduce Express Pen Co. as one of India’s leading manufacturers & exporters of international quality mark pens & products used especially in textiles, chemicals, stationeries, plastic and engineering supplies.

Classic Group is in the business of versatile products since 1993 & has achieved all results positively as per planned strategies mainly because of prudent industrial polices coupled with business acumen, professional management, scientific research & development with technocrat team.

Express Pen Co. has developed high performance, economical, superior world class quality standard steel ball point "Textile Mark Pen" specially for textiles (fabrics) to mark for permanent identification on grey cloth before being bleached, dyed, printed or finishing in chemicals and high temperature pressure condition.

Our research department always insists for customer satisfaction
To increase productivity, efficiency, facilitate better-faster-easier work of user in the specific processing department. We are committed to the task of helping you work smoothly and conveniently in all areas of marking.

That's the reason why world class textile Composite mills, processors, weaving, hosiery, knitting industrial units have placed confidence in us for number of years because the new Classic mark pen has brought innovative ideas and novel concept to global textile industries due to its unique “Value 4 Marking” features of Hi Visible, Indelible, Instant Dry and Permanent.

Classic Group will utilize all its strength to work efficiently for its loyal customers. We believe the introduction of Express Pen Co. will give you a better understanding of the attention we provide to our customers and reaffirm your belief that our group is the most appropriate business associate for global solutions to fully integrate textile production process needs.


Classic - Quality Fabric Marker Classic - Quality Fabric Marker
Classic - Quality Fabric Marker
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  Hi Visible, Indelible, Instant Dry, Permanent - Express Pen Co.
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Classic - Quality Fabric Marker  
Classic - Quality Fabric Marker